Spanish Language Courses in Chile

Are you planning a language travel to Chile or looking for a Spanish language course in Santiago? Here you can find summarized all important information about language travels and learning Spanish in Santiago de Chile.



Our Spanish courses differ from those of other language schools in Santiago in terms of progression and, related to this, the short duration.

We work with 8 different levels. Each level has 1 week of duration, which means, that we pass the fundamental Spanish grammar in only 8 weeks, whereas other schools take 3 month for the same offering only a three level structure! This is your fast track to the Spanish language.

In the Beginner 0 and Beginner 1, Basic I + II and Intermediate I + II level we work with a workbook, which each student receives for free.

In the Advanced level videos, newspaper articles, literature and music of Chilean songwriters are used as a basis for discussion and work.

The emphasis in the Spanish classes is on the acquisition of active and passive oral Spanish language as well as the written one. In the Advanced I and II Levels we also use Chilean films, music and literature for the improvement of your Spanish language skills.

Our method is interactive and communicative, with afternoon activities for practicing (i.e. at museums, markets at the “tandem meeting” etc.), emphasising morning classes in grammar.

All our Spanish teachers have long years of experience and are native Spanish speakers with university degrees. In accordance with the TANDEM®-Method, we arrange for you a Chilean language exchange partner.

Spanish Course Types


We work with 8 different levels. Each level has 1 week of duration, which means:

  • Spanisch für Anfänger 0 und I
  • Spanisch Grundstufe I und II
  • Spanisch Mittelstufe I und II
  • Spanisch Fortgeschrittene I und II

Intensity of the Spanish Courses

There are three intensities to choose from: 20- 30- 35 lessons per Week.

Spanish Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses are courses with 4 lessons daily (45 minutes each) from Monday to Friday (minimum 2 weeks) with an intensity of 20 lessons/week. These classes emphasize on the acquisition of the Spanish grammar and are recommended for people who have lots of possibilities to practice outside the school.

Spanish Superintensive Courses

The Superintensive Courses have 6 lessons daily (45 minutes each), with a intensity of 30 lessons/week. The minimum is one week. This is the right choose for all those who take just a short term Spanish course, staying less than 4 weeks. For this intensity you have two options.

Spanish Crash Courses (30 lessons in group + 5 Private Lessons = 35 lessons/week)

A Crash Course is the Spanish Super-intensive course + 5 private lessons. Best for those who want to make most of their short time. You have one private lesson per day for the last 45 minutes, where individual questions can be answered. The course includes 7 lessons daily (45 minutes each), minimum one week, with a total of 35 lessons/week.

Special Modules

These are modules of private Spanish tuition, which can be taken in addition to an intensive Spanish group course or as a private Spanish course in the afternoon. You need to have at least a intermediate level for these modules. Schedule is generally after 2.30 pm In certain occasions we can do them in morning schedule between 9.30 am and 1.00 pm.

Possible modules are: Spanish for Lawyers, Medical Spanish, and Commercial Spanish.

In addition we offer a module called Spanish Wine Course, a Spanish and Ski Programme and preparation classes for the Diploma Español Lengua Extranjera(DELE).

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