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Tandem® Coordinator

Every Tandem® School has a Tandem advisor who is the person in charge of the Tandem method and who arranges the Tandem Interchanges. In TANDEM Santiago this person is Leticia Bezerra. Contact: tandem@tandemsantiago.cl

Individual Tandem

As a member of TANDEM® International we work with the copyright protected Tandem® method! If you are in Santiago for at least four weeks we may be able to arrange for you to meet a Chilean person on a regular basis for informal conversational practice.

Your “Tandem” will teach you Spanish and you will teach him or her at the same time your own language. This is the most pleasant and efficient way to pick up improve and enjoy the Spanish language, having a close contact to the Chilean people and culture. If you are interested please ask for a questionaire by email.

Diese Möglichkeit bieten wir Schülern die 4 Wochen oder länger als in Santiago bleiben kostenlos an. Bitte Fragebogen zur kostenlosen Vermittlung per email anfordern.

Tandem Interchange in group

Every friday from 7.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. ;we arrange a group tandem activity, guided by one of our teachers where we mix up the English learners with the Spanish students of the school. They share 90 minutes practising English and Spanish together. This can be an opportunity to get in touch with the method and is free of charge for all of our students.


The Tandem®-Foundation is the academic arm of the schools, dedicated to investigation methodology and training service. All schools work with the Tandem method developed by the Tandem Foundation, which consists in counting on a native partner, the so-called tandem, to work out the classroom theory in a day-to-day and personal interaction.

More information about membership, teacher training and investigation at:

Tandem® Fundazioa
Apdo. 864
20080 Donostia/Spain
Telephone/Fax: + 34 943 322062


Tandem International Language SchoolsSince 1996 we belong to the TANDEM® International Network, which is a association of independent language schools in Europe and South America, that promotes language learning by means of exchange and partnership between two people of different nationalities in their free time. All Tandem Schools fulfil the every three years controlled Quality standards. Only those schools which are accredited by Tandem International can call themselves Tandem schools.


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